Classic Automobile Relocation Logistics Ltd (CarLog) is issuing General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the first time effective July 1, 2009. The purpose of the General Conditions is to supplement the statutory provisions.


Art. 1
The GTC shall apply to all orders executed by CarLog, insofar as they do not conflict with mandatory statutory provisions. They cover the entire scope of the forwarder's activities as described in more detail below. Agreements deviating from the GTC must be made in writing.


Art. 2
Three areas of activity are to be distinguished:
The Freight Forwarder as Intermediary In this function the Freight Forwarder performs a purely intermediary activity. He concludes contracts on behalf of his principal with carriers, forwarders, customs agents, warehousemen and other subcontractors involved.
The Freight Forwarder as Carrier In the following, exhaustively listed cases, the Freight Forwarder has the position of a carrier:
In case of self-entry, i.e. when he carries out a transport with his own means.

In case of issuance of own transport document with delivery obligation, such as through bill of lading (Multimodal Transport Document), etc.

In the case of purely European land transports (excluding purely rail transports), unless the forwarder expressly designates himself as an intermediary and also acts as such.
The forwarder as a provider of other services (customs clearance, logistics operations, storage, etc.). These may be directly, indirectly or not at all related to a transport.


Art. 3
Offers shall lapse if they have not been accepted 30 days after submission.



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